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Special Events
We offer the opportunity to participate in auditions, competitions, master classes,
Beethoven Lives Upstairs
Movie, Treats, and Question Review

Composer Bingo
Review for the Piano Olympics

Let's Learn These Note Names
Workshop in helping students remember the note names

Piano Olympics
Students compete in 9 events to win a gold, silver and bronze medal.

Master Classes October 16-19, 2017
All students required to attend class day of their choice.  Students will perform their
MAC OPEN Solo for the class.

Halloween Workshops: October 28, 2017
Will be held on  Saturday, October 28, 2017 at our studio in Sterling Heights.  
Students will prepare one Halloween or Fall solo to perform at the workshop time of
their choice.  Students will choose a winner for best performance, best costume and
scariest solo. Winners get trophies, and everyone attending gets a bag of treats.
Additional prizes given out for ear training, and flash card games.

MAC OPEN FALL CLASSIC November 4-5, 2017
The MAC OPEN invites students from Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne Counties to
participate in a piano and voice competition, where students get to pick two solos
from any genre to perform for a judge, and compete against others at the same
level/skill/approximate age.  Divisions are divided with 8 or less in each event, and
students winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place get a trophy engraved with their name on it,
and all other participants get an engraved medal with their name on it.  Press
Releases will be sent to the students school to give them added recognition for those
who place.

An Evaluation Event has also been added, where parents, and family can sit in on the
students performance, to hear an verbal evaluation.
Students perform one solo of their choice for a judge that gives them ratings.
Trophies are awarded to the top rated students : 100-99-98 are First Place Winners,
97-96-95 are Second Place Winners and 94-93-92 are Third Place Winners. 91 and
Below are Medal winners.

Christmas Workshops: December 23, 2017
To be held Saturday, December 23, 2017  in our Sterling Heights Studio.
Students will be awarded their Fall Classic Trophies and Medals.  All students
will perform a Christmas Carol/Song for the group, and we will play musical games
and prizes too.

Ensemble Rehearsals: January & February 2018
We will have free scheduled ensemble rehearsals to practice for our MMA
Competition to be held in Lansing this year. All ensemble rehearsals are free of

Festival Auditions:  February 11, 2018   
Sunday, February 11, 2017 at Evola Music Store in Utica this year.  Students will
perform or sing two solos by memory for a judge and be graded for their performance
on those two pieces. (One solo is required and chosen from the National Bulletin)
Students can also perform concertos and duets.  These National Federation
Auditions enable students to accumulate points each year towards gold cups that are
awarded for every 15 points in each event.  Thus, a student can not get a gold cup for
at least three years, promoting dedication and excellence. The maximum points
awarded is 5.

Michigan Music Association Competition: February 23-25, 2018
events they can compete in, against students of all ages and levels from all over
Michigan.  Top performances get trophies.  All students can also do evaluations here
to get a trophy as well.  Piano Events include Champ, Popular, Standard, Classical,
Jazz, duets, duos, trios, quartets and open events. Vocal can compete in Broadway,
MMA will be held at the Eagle Crest Hotel in Ypsilanti, MI.  Students have various
Classical, Inspirational and Pop Events.  A great opportunity for piano and voice
students to show off their talents and get rewarded!

MMTA  Student Achievement Testing March 4, 2018
Hosted by the Macomb Piano Teacher's Forum, the Student Achievement Testing is
done at the Evola Music Store in Shelby Township.  Students are tested on
performance, technique, theory, aural awareness, transposition and sightreading.

Vivace Spring Gala Recital: April 22, 2018
Students perform at Evola Music Store.

National Guild Auditions:  May 2018
These piano auditions will be held the first week of May 2017, here at our studio on
the baby grand piano.  Students can prepare a 3-15 piece program for a judge to
evaluate their performance.  Students playing at least 10 solos by memory prepare
national programs, that are of the highest prestige and honor. National Guild is
recognized by al Colleges/Universities in the United States, so participation in it, is
good on your college application.

Performance Recitals TBA
Day and time to be announced.  All students have the opportunity to show off their
talents for and audience of friends and family.  Students can invite as many listeners
they would like to share their performance at the piano and singing as well. Students
of the Year will be announced and honored with trophies on this day.  Summer
Scholarship Student Winner will be announced and given summer lessons for free
for being the most dedicated student

Amazing Race: Music Edition
Conclusion in Frankenmuth, as a history lesson on German Composers. Music
history in a fun way, we will visit Germany, England, Italy, Poland, France, Russia,
Norway, Finland, and USA at our lessons all year long.


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